Our honey is direct from our apiaries situated within 3 miles of Salcombe. Nectar collected from a broad range of plants located along the shoreline, fields, and woods in and surrounding Salcombe make our honey unique.

Honey is well established since Antiquity as having countless health benefits. Its nutrient dense profile sees it packed with vitamins and antioxidants. The honey our bees produce is as close as you’ll get to the guilt free treat you are looking for. Most importantly it does not spoil, thus can be enjoyed over time.

With Salcombe having its own microclimate, this is a perfect environment for our produce - as the plants need a good mix of sunshine and rain to make enough nectar for our honey. Nectar is stored in the honeycomb and water is evaporated by the bees to produce honey. Bees then place a thin layer of wax over the honey to preserve it.

The welfare of our bees is paramount to us at Salcombe Bee Company, we always leave sufficient honey in the hives after each harvest to support our colonies over the winter months.